Friday, June 24 Price Increases

Dearest Brickhouse Customers,

You will notice a price increase on our menus as of Friday, June 24. This is necessary to ensure the continued operation of our restaurant. We have exhausted all other options and increasing our prices is the only way to keep our restaurant viable, and our wonderful staff employed. We sincerely sympathize with the impact this may have on your wallet, and we understand that the price increases, seen nationally, affect all of us, and make indulgences, like eating out, more challenging.

The Brickhouse celebrates 22 years of business this year. We have weathered a bust, a recession, crime, street construction, a remodel, and 2+ years of Covid, but the new product, storage and delivery costs make our new price increases essential for the survival of our beloved business. We have always striven to keep our prices and environment as approachable as possible and do not take this decision lightly. We think you’ll find that our prices are directly on par with comparable establishments, if not still lower.

Please stick with us. We could not have endured this long without your loyalty and support.

Please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] with questions or comments.  

Kim Kobasic & Fred Reeves

Aka: “Mom & Pop Brickhouse”