About Us

Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm | Sunday 10am-3pm
426 Brannan St  San Francisco, CA 94107 | 415.369.0222


The Brickhouse Cafe & Bar is a refreshing oasis from the hard lines and cold spaces of our urban surroundings. Established in 2001, we began simply; with a mission to provide some daringly addictive, yet wholesome, comfort food, with a comfortable space to eat it in.
A brand new renovation boasts a massive new, full bar (circa Nov 2018), with 21 beers on tap, some bitchin’ boutique wines, small batch spirits and craft cocktails.
And after almost 20 years, we continue to provide some of the best breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch comfort food in San Francisco.
But ssssshhhh….we’re still a secret.
While you’re hear you must try one of our staple Wagyu burgers. This is what put us on a little map! Our Wagyu beef direct from our family’s cattle ranch, the Bar R Cattle Co.
We’re open 7 days a week, and we’re a pop fly away from Oracle Ballpark, the Moscone Center, all SF transit and the new (coming soon) Chase Center.
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Kim Kobasic & Fred Reeves
Mom & Pop Owners – Brickhouse Cafe & Bar

Wagyu “Kobe’ cows from our family cattle ranch, The Bar R Cattle Co

Our Wagyu “Kobe” beef is directly sourced from our family cattle ranch, The Bar R Cattle Company. Run by two generations of the Reeves family, the Brickhouse Cafe co-owner, Freddy Reeves, along with sisters, Christy, Arlie and Josie, grew up raising cattle on their dad’s ranch and showing at 4H. They are all still involved in the family business. The ranch is run by patriarch, Jerry Reeves, and his wife Heidi. Jerry is an international specialist on the Wagyu breed and was one of the early pioneers in the Wagyu industry in the States – raising fullblood American Wagyu. Bar R Cattle Company is one of a handful of cattle ranches that can authentically claim to be breeding and raising genuine “American Wagyu” cattle.

To learn more about the Wagyu breed and purchasing opportunities go to americanwagyubeef.com (American Wagyu Beef, LLC) or email Christy Reeves at [email protected].

Our Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon we provide throughout the year is sustainably sourced by Fred and his friends from Bristol Bay, Alaska; Washington’s Puget Sound; or here in California.
See the Captains blog from F/V “Potential” in Bristol Bay at www.tailsfrombristolbay.com/